paul_anzaborregoPaul Zaretsky is a photographer, environmentalist and father.  He’s motivated by the current threats to our environment and hopes others will be inspired by his photographs to appreciate the natural places that remain.  His work highlights many of his favorite shooting destinations: the rainforest of Belize, the Aspen groves of the Eastern Sierra, remote areas of the Pacific Crest Trail, the colorful southwest desert, Massachusetts (where he’s from) and breathtaking Monterey Bay where he lives now.

Paul was first introduced to conservation work by his mother, Gerie Zaretsky, whose dedication to the environment changed their hometown of Seekonk, Massachusetts for the better. He continues in her spirit by inspiring his own children to care about the world around them. They are slowly learning to photograph on their own and see through their own lens the value of wild places.

Paul works with many environmental organizations including the Elkhorn Slough Foundation, Land Trust of Santa Cruz County,The Nature Conservancy, Pacific Crest Trail Association, Sierra Club and the Ventana Wilderness Society. His photos are used in their publications and websites to educate, raise money and promote their work. He also donates his work to many local schools whose dwindling art and music programs need help.

Paul’s photos can be seen in many local businesses, websites, newspapers and publications including the Sierra Club Calendar.

You can meet Paul and see his work at one of his upcoming events this fall.