Pacific Crest Trail Book

In 2016 I had the opportunity to contribute to a new book about the Pacific Crest Trail.

This official book celebrates the history, beauty, and importance of the West Coast’s most iconic hiking trail. Designated as one of the first two national scenic trails in 1968, the Pacific Crest Trail is a continuous footpath of more than 2,650 miles—from the Mexican border to the Canadian border through California, Oregon, and Washington. Hikers from all over the world are drawn to this trail to experience true American wilderness and to challenge themselves—whether for two miles or two thousand.The only illustrated book officially published with the Pacific Crest Trail Association, The Pacific Crest Trail explores this legendary footpath with more than 250 spectacular contemporary images, unpublished historical photos and documents from the PCTA archives, and even the official trail map folded into an inside pocket. This book is perfect for anyone interested in conservation, outdoor recreation, and for all those who dream of one day becoming thru-hikers themselves.

Get your copy today!

Open Studios 2017

Open October 14, 15, 21 & 22 from 11am – 5pm

We’re excited to be participating in the Santa Cruz County Open Studios art tour once again.

Our studio will be open October 14th & 15th and encore weekend October 21st & 22nd – 11:00AM to 5:00PM.

For more about the Open Studio Art Tour visit the Arts Council Santa Cruz County.


You can find us at 143 Bennett Road in the Beach Flats of Rio Del Mar.


Another week and another 10 images added to the website.  Landscapes, wildlife, mountains, ocean, and some close-up images capturing worlds within worlds.

I shot Pilings, Seacliff State Beach just a few blocks from my house on one of our evening walks down the beach.

Oak Hillside in Springtime was taken on a day trip to Mount Diablo State Park.  I headed out hoping to capture the hills with fresh green growth which only lasts a short time before the warmer days take over and turn the grass golden brown for much of the rest of the year.

After the first rain showers of the season in late September I noticed this Spiderweb strung between our house and hedge.  I spent the better part of an hour on a ladder trying to capture the little jewels hanging in the web.

On a visit back to my hometown of Seekonk, MA I captured this Bullfrog at Caratunk Wildlife Refuge which my mom helped establish in the early 70’s.

Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico is truly one of the most spectacular places to photograph waterfowl and Sandhill Cranes during the migration season.  It has plenty more to offer as well and on one visit I was able to photograph this Northern Harrier perching in the late afternoon sun.

Prior to my recent project with rocks and minerals, I spent some time photographing backlit leaf details in a controlled studio setting.  I’m continually fascinated with the abstract patterns and lack of scale these images offer.  This Liquidambar Leaf was particularly enticing.

It’s very easy to get lost in the grand landscapes of Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park, but on this particular morning I ended up on crawling on my belly exploring the tiny world of melting frost on the meadow grasses which resulted in Morning Dew.

After spending a couple of days around the Mt. Hood area I headed out to John Day Fossil Beds to photograph the Painted Hills where I caught a fairly decent rainstorm.  With the cool temperatures in early September I took a return trip to Trillium Lake on a hunch that Mt. Hood would get it’s 1st coating of snow for the season.  My hunch paid off.

Mark Abbott Memorial Lighthouse is a landmark in Santa Cruz which houses the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum and surfers take on the waves of Steamer Lane.  I happen to be photographing the Walton Lighthouse at the mouth of Santa Cruz Harbor a few miles south and noticed the possibility of the setting sun lining up behind the “Surfer Lighhouse”.  I pulled out the big glass to compress the scene and render the sun large in the frame with silhouettes of the lighthouse and visitors enjoying the scene.

There’s no better place to see and photograph Souther Sea Otters than Elkhorn Slough in Moss Landing CA.  On one of my recent trips down this 5 mile estuary I was able to capture this Otter with Pup cruising through the eel grass.

Each week, you’ll find the latest 10 images in the New Images Gallery.



Weekly 10

Included in this week’s 10 images are several best sellers from Central California and Yosemite as well as a handful of more recent shots.

Oak Grove was taken on the conservation property of Porter Ranch.  The oaks here are spectacular and on this morning I was treated to beautiful light and fresh green grass to compliment the dense growth of trees.

Last week I posted an image from John Day Fossil Beds National Monument in Oregon and this week I’m adding Painted Hills Detail #1 from the same outing.

I was born and raised in Massachusetts and frequently travel back to my home state to visit family and friends.  On one of these trips Lisa and I took an afternoon to visit Walden Pond made famous by Henry David Thoreau.  Having heard stories about the crowds there we were pleasantly surprised to have the place to ourselves on a chilly early winter day when I shot Birch Trees, Winter.

Rocks and Surf was captured on the north end of Big Sur.  The sun had set and the fading light of twilight allowed for a long exposure which created the misty look of the water flowing between the rocks.

One of my signature images, The Hunt, Short-eared Owl was taken on Christmas Day on the north side of the San Francisco Bay Delta at Grizzly Island Complex.  I had spent several hours shooting various raptors and just before sundown I spotted this owl cruising the open fields for dinner.  He made several passes and would occasionally drop down attempting to grab prey and I was only able to successfully lock focus on this one frame.  I was shooting film at the time and didn’t know I had the shot till I got the film processed a few weeks later.

If conditions are just right in late February, visitors to Yosemite Valley are treated to an incredible show as the last light of day illuminates Horsetail Fall which flows off the eastern side of El Capitan.  I’ve been lucky enough to witness and photograph this phenomenon on all 3 occasions that I’ve taken the trip out to see it.

Clearing Storm Clouds was shot just a few blocks from my house on Seacliff State Beach.  A big storm had just rolled through and the skies started to part just before sunset and lit up the sky.  I saw another photographer further out on the beach and I decided to include their silhouette in the frame for a sense of scale.

One of my favorite times to visit Yosemite is in the spring when the waterfalls are pumping and the Dogwood Blooms are gracing the Valley in abundance.

California’s state flower, the California Poppy, is a subject I seem to revisit year after year.

On my recent trip to Yellowstone National Park we had only one night of fresh snowfall so my fellow photographers and I spent the next morning looking for interesting subjects and were fortunate enough to come across this American Bison.

Each week, you’ll find the latest 10 images in the New Images Gallery.




Weekly 10

This week, I’ve included images from Central America and some other best sellers.  As always you can find them all in the New Images Collection.

Little Boy Peeking was taken on a 3 week trip through Belize and Guatemala back in 1997.  This boy poked his head out of his family’s booth at the local market and I was able to capture this moment just before he noticed me, smiled and stuck out his tongue.

I took Mesquite Flat Dune on my 1st (and only) trip to Death Valley.  I’m looking forward to returning soon to explore more of the unlimited possibilities this National Park offers.

Another park with plenty to offer is Zion National Park in Utah which is where I took Maple Impression.  Autumn is particularly spectacular.

Back in 2001 my wife Lisa and I were on a road trip through the Southwest and were fortunate enough to catch a rare Aurora Borealis display in Southern New Mexico while visiting friends in the small village of Las Placitas.

Mother and Daughters was taken on my Guatemala trip in 1997.  It was a very quick “grab” shot but I love how the mother is holding a fully loaded basket hands free with a baby on her back (you can just make out the baby’s hand hanging down from the back of the sling), the older daughter has a bundle she’s balancing hands free, and the youngest has a smaller load and is using her hands to help stabilize.  And, all 3 are almost perfectly in stride.

Spouting Horn is a well known blowhole near the town of Poipu on the southern coast of Kauai, Hawaii.

The colorful Painted Hills of John Day Fossil Beds National Monument were formed over 35 million years ago as the result of volcanic activity and sedimentation from this ancient floodplain.

Buttressed Tree, Heliconia, and Canopy and Moon were all taken in the pristine rainforest of the Bladen Nature Reserve in southern Belize where I had the unique opportunity to spend several days camping and photographing.



New Images June 14, 2015

Weekly 10

We have a great selection of images for you this week.  Enjoy!

Artist’s Palette was captured in Death Valley National Park a few years ago. The unique coloration of the hills comes from oxidized metals in the volcanic and sedimentary rock.

Tidepools at Four Mile Beach was taken during low tide at this popular North Coast surf spot.

I captured Winter Reflection during a family trip to Yosemite Valley in early January 2014.  At the time it was the driest conditions I’d seen in the Sierra.

Pietersite is one of my personal favorites from my Rock and Mineral Collection.  The section of rock in the image is only about an inch and a half across.

My Crashing Wave image is a good example of why Big Sur has been referred to as the “greatest meeting of land and sea”.

Ho’opi’i Falls was taken on a trip to Kauai back in 2004.

Moss Covered Maples is an old favorite taken just a couple miles from my house.  The overcast, drizzly conditions added to the verdant feel of the image.

Lava Formation at Opie Dildock Pass was taken while hiking an Oregon section of the Pacific Crest Trail.

Dowitcher Gathering is from Moro Cojo Slough right next to Elkhorn Slough in Moss Landing.  This property is another managed by the Elkhorn Slough Foundation.

Coyote on the Run was taken last winter in Yellowstone National Park.  This coyote was cruising along the roadside so I asked my guide/driver Zack Clothier to keep pace with him so I could experiment with some slow shutter exposures.  This was shot at 1/30th sec.


Each week, you’ll find the latest 10 images in the New Images Gallery.

New Images June 14, 2015

Weekly 10

We launched our site a week ago and we appreciate all the compliments and feedback we’ve received so far. This week I’ve included some old and some new images in our Weekly 10.


The newest image is an owl shot from just a week ago where I spent a day photographing long-eared owls.  I have several more shots from the day that I’ll add to the site, but this 1st one is a beautiful adult with nice back-lighting to show off it’s ear tufts.

The rough-skinned newt was captured last winter in the San Vicente Redwoods while shooting for the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County. They have some great plans for this beautiful property. The roosting cormorant was taken at their Davenport Bluffs property. It was a fun surprise to be so close to these cormorants roosting on high cliffs.

Rising Steam at Firehold Spring was taken just this last winter in Yellowstone National Park.  On the hike to this spot we came across some of the 1st grizzly tracks of the season.  With the mild winter the bears came out of hibernation about a month earlier than usual.

Indonesian agate is another addition to my rocks and minerals collection. I am shooting another batch of incredible rocks right now so this collection will continue to grow with no end in sight.

You’ll also find a couple favorites from Hawaii. Back in 2004 I took a couple of exciting helicopter rides around the island of Kauai and was treated to rainbows and beautiful scenery. It was an unforgettable experience to shoot out of an open helicopter.

The Oak Tree at Porter Ranch was taken in April on a private property of the Elkhorn Slough Foundation. I had a fun day shooting with local photographer and diver Joe Platko who took the cover photo on their 2015 wall calendar.

The Iris and the Winter Sunset at Seacliff State Beach are some favorites from our Best Sellers Collection.

Each week, you’ll find the latest 10 images in the New Images Gallery.


A New Website

Last year we shut our old website down and started to work on a new site. We started from scratch and after much work and consideration we’re happy to finally launch this new and improved website!  We are now selling prints, offering a special collection of stock images for creatives and integrating the blog. Our site is now beautiful and mobile friendly.

10 at a Time
I started taking photography seriously in the mid-90’s. As you can imagine, my image library is extensive and growing. When faced with the challenge of rebuilding my website, the work involved in re-optimizing 1000s of images at once just wasn’t an option. So we decided to build up the site over time–10 images at a time.  We’ve launched with just 35 images in our collections. You can see them all in the New Images Collection.  Each Sunday, we will post 10 more photos to the site.  All will be available as Fine Art Prints and a few select images will be available as Stock.

Image Search
We have worked hard to make the image collection searchable so you’ll be able to easily locate any image.  Just enter your keyword(s) in the Search box and what’s currently available will be selected.  If you are looking for a particular image that is not on our website yet, just email us. We’ll get it up in our next planned batch of 10 or email you more information. Each image is captioned and tagged with categories and keywords that will also assist you in finding the image you’re looking for.

yosemite-labelPrints, Stock and Notecards
We are selling prints on the site and to make it easy, we’ve come up with 3 sizes sold as print-only for one flat shipping rate of $10 – no matter how big the order.  We still offer custom sizes, matting and framing–just let us know. Stock images are new. We are offering 3 sizes of instant image downloads at a low price.  These are images we have selected specially for design creatives.  We are also selling note cards and will be offering note card collections of some of our most popular images. More collections will be offered over time as well. You can still purchase individual cards at our events.

I’m often asked about my favorite camera gear, framing suppliers, print services, shooting locations, etc., so we’ve put together a list of gear and services that have served us well over the years. On the Resources page you’ll find all the companies and vendors I use and links to their sites.

As you browse the site and see images you like. Click “save” to save them to a lightbox.  This is a holding area to keep the images you like collected in one spot while making your purchase decisions.

We have a lot more planned for our site including video and other surprises we’re not ready to reveal. My wife Lisa and I have worked hard to get this site out to you. We hope you enjoy it and stick with us as we grow.


The image featured in this post is Variscite.

Upcoming Events

 Open Studios 2015

Paul_Zaretsky_141231-2014_12_31Panther_Beach_PZP 38


Open Studios Art Tour

Join us 11:00 am – 5:00 pm at our home / studio in Aptos.

143 Bennett Road, Aptos


South County October 10th & 11th
Encore October 17th & 18th

In late September, magazine-style Guides will be inserted into the Good Times and distributed in Monterey and Santa Clara counties – FREE to anyone who picks up a copy.

For fans who miss the September issue of the Good Times, and folks used to the classic guides, Guides will be available, for just $5, in outlets throughout September and October. Plus, there will be an Open Studios app to help fans find their way around. In our Open Studios Art Tour App ($4.99 on iTunes or Google Play) – App Tips & Tricks.

This is our biggest event of the year and we always go all out for you. Paul has been shooting a lot this year, come see what’s new!


Preview Exhibit
Open Studios Preview Exhibit showcases art from each of the participating artists at the Santa Cruz Art League – truly a feast for the eyes. Come see the art first hand and get a jump start on planning your tour.

Through October 18th
Santa Cruz Art League, 526 Broadway
Wed-Fri: 11am-5pm
Sat-Sun: 10am-5pm
Mon-Tues: Closed

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